Career Opportunities

Your development is a prerequisite for our company’s ability to achieve its goals, which is why we prioritise your career development at all levels within the company

However, much of the responsibility for career development lies with you. We expect you to be proactive, nominating yourself for ambitious projects where you may have to challenge yourself to ensure a good result. We also expect you to act on the opportunities you see. In return, you can expect your colleagues to provide active feedback and coaching in order for you to develop further with each project.

At Flügger, our internal training programme is organised under the umbrella of Flügger Academy, where we are committed to training and developing the different management strata within the company. Our goal is to create a dynamic, learning-based organisation by training skilled managers who are able to motivate, create commitment and fully exploit employee potential. In support of this, we have developed a Talent Management programme to ensure that all employees – management or otherwise – always have the best possible conditions for creating the best results.

We realise that no two people’s development needs are identical. At Flügger, we therefore ensure that each employee prepares a development plan together with their manager, and that this plan acts as a proactive management tool rather than a document that is reviewed once a year at staff development interviews.

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