Three values aim to set our direction and guide us – not only in the way we treat our customers, but also very much in the way we exercise leadership and work together at Flügger.





  • Take initiative and volunteer yourself
  • Act as a team - listen and learn from others
  • Ensure that responsibilities and expectations are clarified and communicated
  • Respect other people’s time: a deadline is a deadline, and a budget is a budget
  • Seek simple solutions and get the job done
  • Invest time to save time: follow processes and policies, or craft them if they don’t exist
  • We say what we do, and we do what we say
  • Share relevant information with your colleagues and customers
  • Be dependable and deliver on promises


Leadership principles

All leaders in Flügger adhere to the following leadership principles:

Lead by example

Lean in

Live our values


Communicate and give feedback in a clear and consistent manner. Address both high and low performers

Paint the picture

Make sure your team knows where Flügger is heading and how they can contribute

Protect the Flügger DNA

Acknowledge our culture champions and address non value-based behavior

Make it happen

Cooperate across functions and encourage your team to do the same. A deadline is a deadline

Stay focused

Prepare a plan for the initiatives that add the most value for our business and make sure you follow up regularly

Grow our culture

Inspire your employees to live our values and contribute to a strong company culture 


Focus on running and changing the business at the same time

Know your numbers

Make informed decisions and take ownership. A budget is a budget

Be the ambassador

Always act in line with our values

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