Flügger is not only one brand, but many brands:

Flügger logo

The Flügger brand is our largest. The extensive range of products include paint, wood stain, filler, wall paper adhesive, wall coverings, abrasive materials, brushes, tools and cleaning products.

Our selection of products is based on many years of proffesional experience. We manufacture all essential products within Flügger. Our products perform their best, when they are used in combination with other Flügger products.

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Unicell Nordic

Unicell Nordic is a sales unit which delivers quality products at cost competitive prices to a wide customer segment. Unicell Nordic's customers include painters, paint shops, stores and DIY-centers.

The extensive assortment of products includes paint, painting tools, wall paper, abrasives and cleaning products. Besides an array of private label products, Unicell Nordic handles our brands Yunik, Stiwex, and Fiona.

Unicell Nordic delivers products to our chain of paint shops, PP professional paint, which has specialized in a smaller yet sharp assortment for profesional painters.

Other than the above-mentioned brands, which are all produced by Flügger, Unicell Nordic provides a number of third-party products, selected by professionals based on their comprehensive knowledge about the market.


Yunik offers a complete range of paint and filler for all types of surface for both indoor and outdoor use.


Stiwex manufactors painting and cleaning tools. The product selection is especially strong within the field of rolls, brushes, filling knives, and wall paper tools.


Fiona design wallpaper is manufactored by Flügger and distributed through Flügger farver among others.

Besides design wallpaper Fiona offers all types of felt and paintable wallcoverings.

Wallpaper is manufactured in our factory in GdaƄsk using the latest technologies within wallpaper production.

The products are sold globally through local distributors. Our own sales channels are responsible for a conciderable part of the sales of Fiona wallpapers. They are both distributed online and in our shop chains Flügger Decor and PP professional paint.



PP professional paint A/S is a Danish chain with approximately 20 distribution centers, that since 1981 have provided professionals and price-conscious painters with a narrow but sharp assortment.


Detale CPH logo

In May 2019 DETALE CPH became part of Flügger, and the popular coloured filler is now sold in Flugger stores in both Denmark, Sweden and Norway. DETALE CPH was etablished in 2014, and has been on an exiting journey since then. The products come in several structures and in up to 37 colours.