'Make the world colorful'

In summer 2020, Flügger launched its ‘Going Green’ strategy. The strategy has set a strong green direction, and consequently Flügger is also launching a long-term vision and mission that concisely, actively and colorfully embrace the essence of Flügger: Make the world colorful. This vision is supported by the mission ‘Colors that matter’ and ‘Sustainable value’.


Make the world colorful

The starting point for everything at Flügger is color.

It is inherent in Flügger’s DNA that the company was founded in the Nordics with Nordic standards for quality, customer service and inclusion. Flügger, however, sees the whole world as its market.

At Flügger, both the products and the corporate culture are steeped in color. The products are of a superior quality, and the objectives are green.


Colors that matter

Flügger’s colors make a difference to both the environment and society. At Flügger, we protect what exists by extending the lifespan of things that people love, yet we are innovative when realising new ideas. Flügger’s colors make a difference in everyday life – for our employees, customers, the environment and society. At Flügger we think green. And our production is green. We enter into color partnerships, we are creative with color and we help customers to create their own environments.

Sustainable value

At Flügger, we focus on creating the best results for our suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders. We will maintain this focus on sustained growth rather quick revenue. This is our way of creating ‘sustainable value’. Simplicity takes time – our vision and mission are short and precise but rich in their meaning. Our business must make a difference for customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders – both now and in future.