Peter Korsholm is the new Chairman of the Board of Flügger

Peter Korsholm will help strengthen Flügger's digital development and sustainability. The plan is to make Flügger even better equipped to carry out its international ambitions.

"Flügger is a really exciting company. They can expand internationally and are at full speed in the digital journey and in the sustainability area. I look forward to working with the rest of the Board of Directors and Flügger's Executive Board, and working to exploit the many opportunities that Flügger offers," says Peter Korsholm.

Peter Korsholm comes with extensive experience in company development and management. The experience comes from Peter Korsholm's time as a partner in EQT and his active ownership in several companies. Peter Korsholm can also contribute with his knowledge of online trading and logistics.

CEO of Flügger, Sune Schack, looks forward to working with the new Chairman:

"I am very much looking forward to working with Peter Korsholm and the rest of the Board of Directors. It is a strong new board of directors, and we look forward to developing Flügger further with them," says Sune Schnack.

The other seats on the Board of Directors were also distributed at the Annual General Assembly: Jimmi Mortensen was elected Vice Chairman, while Kim Balle was re-elected as board member and Bettina Antitsch Mortensen have been elected board member.

Signe Trock Hilstrøm did not stand for re-election for the Board of Directors.

Peter Korsholm